Kushal Singh is a poised and competent boy in the 9th Grade at Saibaba Path MPS. His father, Sriram Bahadur Singh, works in an ice factory and mother, Kanak Singh is a homemaker. They moved to Mumbai 15 years ago from a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Kushal first joined Saibaba Path MPS in Jr Kg and has now completed 11 years in this school and loves the teaching methods adopted by the school. His parents initially enrolled him in this school because of the close proximity of their residence and because this school would promote his English-speaking skills. Kushal has since been in high praise of this school.

“The school creates a very fun atmosphere to be in. the teachers are all nice, understanding and takes care of each student. If a student does not understand a concept then the teacher will ensure that he/she dedicates enough time to explain the concept to the child until they understand.”
Moreover, Kushal loves to speak the English language and spends his time speaking in English with friends or in the library. His favourite book is the harry potter series, that he is so very fond of. Kushal can be described as a fun and ingenious guy. His balance between work and play is tremendous. Kushal finds a way to enjoy as well as study when required and his parents state that, “Kushal is a focused boy. He focuses on studies and also ensures play when he has the time.” Kushal responds to this by stating that, all work and no play would make me a very dull person. So, to say, he has a knack for participating in elocutions, speeches and debates in school and also excels in skipping and football.

Kushal won a prize. He says, these competitions have enhanced his public speaking skills and also his self-confidence. Kushal also won a certificate for his distinguished performance on the ASSET exam. He has also ranked 2nd and 3rd over the years in the Open Rope Skipping competition held by the District sports Office. Kushal recently won the JFK League tournament for football in the last year. Other than this, Science and technology interest him a lot. Watching the shows on Discovery and National Geographic is his favourite way of utilizing his free time.

Coming back to the school, Kushal’s teachers are very pleased with his progress and performance. In their opinion, he is the most responsible, hardworking and excellent student of his class. Kushal aims to become like his role model Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam someday. He acknowledges the fact that both of them come from a small background and have the motivation and the need to do something larger in life. His inspiration stems from one of the most significant scientists who started his career by designing a small hovercraft and Kushal hopes to do something of this sort someday. Kushal has closely followed Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s struggle and one day wants to become a successful businessman. He wishes to be able to provide a well-adjusted life to himself and his family.

His parents are proud of this dream of his and support his ambition. They said, “We have noticed a change in our son’s behaviour not just because of the school but also his teachers and his friends that support him. Take for example, his friend Sahil that indirectly teaches him to share. We are glad we enrolled our child in a place that ensures his growth as a person”. We value this faith of the parents and it is our motivation to keep doing even better. Students like Kushal are the epitome of our model being successful. We wish to see him fulfil his dreams and also help the fellow students to achieve theirs.