Our Team

The most important catalysts for the success of the school are our teachers. The committed and devoted staff ensure the children learn in a nurturing environment within the four walls of the school. The parent-teacher relationships extend beyond the four walls of the school, in the form of community visits, ensure the well-being of the children and create a close-knit relationship that further binds our community to us. Our teachers are not merely our ambassadors, they are the ones who have helped the school to grow from strength to strength. We have a team of well qualified teachers, the below table represents the qualifications of our teachers.

Qualification of Teachers No. of Teachers
Master of Education (M.Ed) 3
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) 23
Diploma in Education (D.Ed) 14
Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCEd) 16
Muktangan Trained Teachers 9
Postgraduate & Graduate 45
Teach for India fellows 2

The Teachers: WOMEN lead the Way

“It has taken me some time—two years and counting—to understand the many contradictions within India. One of these is the role of women: in some case outright oppressed, in other fields, indisputably leading the way forward in society. Such is the case of the teaching team at Saibaba Path. With a few exceptions, it is comprised entirely of women, local to the area and in love with their work. We were lucky enough to visit many of their classes, to watch the passion and skill with which they teach and the friendships they extend to their students: one of the secrets to success, I think, of Educo and Saibaba Path School. In a teacher training session on our last day, we invited the teachers to consider the role of the teacher beyond delivering course content: the teacher as a guide, a mentor, and friend; if we, teachers, are training the next generation, what are we training them for and how are we training them to live, to act towards one another and the world around them. The role of the teacher is paramount in a student’s learning, and so the responsibility of a teacher is immense.To the teaching team at Educo, the shouldering of this responsibility comes naturally.

While there are many issues regarding gender in Indian society—and globally—these women are taking steps each and every day with their work, educating the next generation to do things differently, to challenge gender roles and question oppressive norms in their culture and society. It is a bold movement that is happening person-by-person, and we are honoured to have spent time with this team. As Prashant said during our last moment all together,“What you are doing is no less than activism”
–Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Core Team

Late Mr. Vibhakar Kelkar

Founder Consultant

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Meenal Srinivasan

Founder & Managing Trustee

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Rajnish Sharma

Chief Operating Officer

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Ram Mohan

Pedagogy Director

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Ms. Shivani Kanakia

Programme Director

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Mr. Vishaal Db

Program Coordinator

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Shreya Jakhmola

Fundraising & Communications Associate

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Savita Sarpate

Program Coordinator

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Kanika Mehra

HR Consultant

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Supriya Suryawanshi

Administrative Executive

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Vaishnavi Kadam

HR & MCGM Support

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