Our Partners

Teach for India(TFI)

Every year, since 2011, we have fellows from Teach for India under the fellowship program. The teachers work in Educo classrooms for two years. The Teach for India fellowship is an asset to Educo as it brings highly qualified professionals to work with the school.
After their fellowship, fellows have continued their relationship in the school. Currently Vishaal Db TFI Fellow 2015-17, has become the Program Coordinator of Educo after completing his fellowship. Keya Banerjee TFI Fellow, conducted an arts program for a year at Educo after her fellowship.

Life Labs

Life Labs aims to provide cognitive, physical, emotional, social and creative learning experiences through engaging media. Life Lab designs inspiring and curriculum-aligned products for education purposes. The innovative study materials have been utilized in science classes. Life Lab also shares user manuals for teachers to demonstrate the most efficient ways to use the study materials. They track and monitor classroom progress.


The Nalanda Project, under the RG Manudhane Foundation for Excellence, has worked with Educo since 2015 to improve the children’s education by helping them use technology to take charge of their own learning. It engages students from grades 3 to 9, teaching them how to use its offline technology to solve mathematics with the help of tabs. It has helped more than 400 students so far. Teachers are also empowered to be more tech-friendly and conduct independent classes with technology.


Atma is a Mumbai-based accelerator for NGOs working in education. Educo is part of the three year Atma Accelerator program and will receive management expertise to multiply its impact. In the Atma Accelerator program, NGOs get support in organisational development areas such as Monitoring and Evaluation, Human Resources, Fundraising and Marketing.
Over the previous six months, Atma has streamlined various Educo’s processes and is working on the metrics for a life skill program from scratch. Atma has also helped Educo prepare a policy document for the whole organisation.

Muktangan & School of Vocational Education (TISS)

Since 2017 we are Skill Knowledge Partner (SKP) under the Muktangan – Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) partnership for their B.Voc program in Early Child Development (ECD).
In line with the Skill India mission of central government (MHRD), TISS has set up the School of Vocational Education (SVE) to provide job oriented training for disadvantaged youth, mainly those excluded by the formal school education system. The various training programs are structured in a way that facilitates hands on learning during the course, with several industry partners providing job oriented training. All courses under the SVE (TISS) are recognized by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).
The model of training under SVE, is based on a HUB & SPOKE structure, which leverages the expertise of a partner that provides classroom training (Hub- Muktangan) and an execution partner that provides training on the ground (Skill Knowledge Partner-educo). TISS will remain the overall nodal agency, developing the curriculum and managing the process.
For the ECD Course, starting June 2016, Muktangan has been the Hub partner for Mumbai region, where trainees get high quality classroom learning input based on active learning approach. To integrate the learning with practice the trainees do an internship / field project with SKPs like educo that run pre-schools in Mumbai.
Three of our teachers are also enrolled in the program and are currently in their second year.

Just For Kicks

Just for Kicks uses football as a medium to teach life skills to children from low-income families. Just For Kicks provides professional coaching and tracking of children’s competencies. The expert coaches teach Educo students to play football and organise sports tournaments all across Mumbai. The children participate in various competitions ranging from government managed ones to the Milind Deora league. Once a year, Educo students take part in a national football league where all the Just For Kicks partner schools of India competes against each other.


NASSCOM Foundation’s BigTech program endeavours to build the capacities of the non profit sector. As an NGO in India we receive the latest in technology as donations thereby conserving & diverting our budgets for other better use!
We can install or upgrade our currently installed technology to scale-up our operations and create a greater impact!
Current Donor Companies – Microsoft, Adobe, Quickheal Anti virus, Eagle Conferencing, BUSY Accounting, Bytes of Learning


mGuru is an education technology company that builds learning apps for kids focused on literacy and numeracy skills. Educo has piloted the app with hundreds of its students and facilitated student testing that was critical to the app’s creation. Educo and mGuru have also partnered to put together a study that establishes that learning improvements of students who use the mGuru app. Looking forward, both organizations will collaborate to build tools that increase learning outcomes and make them more available to students at SBMPS and the broader Mumbai public system.