External Examinations

We hold the value of benchmarking very close to our heart. We believe that the children should be evaluated on their achievements relative to other schools in the region and even the country. We therefore expose the children to various state and national level academic and extracurricular competitions.

The following are the various competitions that the children participate on:

Middle School and High School Scholarship Maharasthra

Every year more than 15 lakh students appear for these exams in Maharashtra which is a valuable benchmarking tool for the school. Students of class 8 and 5 appear for this exam. In 2018, 52 students in MCGM received the scholarship of which five are Educo students.

Homi Bhabha

Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition is conducted by The Mumbai Science Teachers’ Association since 1981 to encourage students to take interest in science, to inculcate scientific attitude and to search science talent in students and motivate them towards basic sciences as well as to clear the scientific concepts among students. This competition is conducted for the students studying only in 6th and 9th Standard. This year, there was a rise in participation from 6 to 19 students, and 14 children passed the examination, an enormous jump from last year’s 1.

Science Olympiad Foundation

These SOF exams work to popularise academic competition and to assist the development of a competitive spirit among schoolchildren. Established by leading academicians, it aims to promote science, mathematics, computer science, English, general knowledge and professional courses.
At Educo, there was a 90% increase in participation in the Olympiad, with students participating in the International Math Olympiad, International English Olympiad, and the National Science Olympiad. Furthermore, their performances improved as well. For the first time, two students qualified for the second round of the Olympiads.

Sanskruti Samvardhan

Sanskruti Samvardhan Pratishthan (SSP) has dedicated itself for inculcating values based on Bhartiya Culture amongst the students for their all-round development and progress. Every year minimum one lakh students get benefit of the moral education classes conducted by SSP.Along with Value education program several competitions are also organized based on the contents of these books.The Saibaba Path MPS students take part in Sanskruti Samvardhan competitions. Till date, the Sanskruti Samvardhan has been conducting its program in approximately 500 schools in Mumbai and Maharashtra. 58 students of Educo participated in the SSP competition, which have shown a tremendous growth since 2016.