Impact Stories


  • Our first and second board exam batch of 2020 & 2021had a 100% pass and our students are now placed in colleges like Xaviers, Ruia and Sydenham.
  • 2 Educo Students - Sneha Solanki and Deepak Sharma have been selected to represent Mumbai at the 4th International Olympiad of Metropolises in Moscow, Russia.
  • 50% of the total appearing students cleared Maharashtra State Board Scholarship for Classes V & VIII (versus the state average of 2.6% and 0.6%, Praja Report on State of Education in Mumbai, 2019)


  • Our Under-16 girls football team won the Milind Deora Junior Soccer Challenger South Mumbai competing against some of the great private and public-school teams.

Teacher Training for MCGM

  • 3300 municipal school-teachers trained
  • 150 students qualified for Nationals and 25 won Gold Medals in Cambridge Olympiad in 2018
  • 345 students qualified for the nationals in Cambridge Olympiad 2019, a 130% increase from the previous year

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Kushal Singh

Kushal Singh is a poised and competent boy in the 9th Grade at Saibaba Path MPS. His father, Sriram Bahadur Singh, works in an ice factory and mother, Kanak Singh is a homemaker. They moved to Mumbai 15 years ago from a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Kushal first joined Saibaba Path MPS in Jr Kg and has now completed 11 years in this school and loves the teaching methods adopted by the school. His parents initially enrolled him in this school because of the close proximity of their residence and because this school would promote his English-speaking skills. Kushal has since been in high praise of this school. “The school creates a very fun atmosphere to be in. the teachers are all nice, understanding and takes care of each student. If a student does not understand a concept then the teacher will ensure that he/she dedicates enough time to explain the concept to the child until they understand.” -Kushal Moreover, Kushal loves to speak the English language and spends his time speaking in English with friends or in the library. His favourite book is the harry potter series, that he is so very fond of. Kushal can be described as a fun and ingenious guy. His balance between work and play is tremendous. Kushal finds a way to enjoy as well as study when required and his parents state that, “Kushal is a focused boy. He focuses on studies and also ensures play when he has the time.” Kushal responds to this by stating that, all work and no play would make me a very dull person. So, to say, he has a knack for participating in elocutions, speeches and debates in school and also excels in skipping and football. Kushal won a prize. He says, these competitions have enhanced his public speaking skills and also his self-confidence. Kushal also won a certificate for his distinguished performance on the ASSET exam. He has also ranked 2nd and 3rd over the years in the Open Rope Skipping competition held by the District sports Office. Kushal recently won the JFK League tournament for football in the last year. Other than this, Science and technology interest him a lot. Watching the shows on Discovery and National Geographic is his favourite way of utilizing his free time. Coming back to the school, Kushal’s teachers are very pleased with his progress and performance. In their opinion, he is the most responsible, hardworking and excellent student of his class. Kushal aims to become like his role model Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam someday. He acknowledges the fact that both of them come from a small background and have the motivation and the need to do something larger in life. His inspiration stems from one of the most significant scientists who started his career by designing a small hovercraft and Kushal hopes to do something of this sort someday. Kushal has closely followed Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s struggle and one day wants to become a successful businessman. He wishes to be able to provide a well-adjusted life to himself and his family. His parents are proud of this dream of his and support his ambition. They said, “We have noticed a change in our son’s behaviour not just because of the school but also his teachers and his friends that support him. Take for example, his friend Sahil that indirectly teaches him to share. We are glad we enrolled our child in a place that ensures his growth as a person”. We value this faith of the parents and it is our motivation to keep doing even better. Students like Kushal are the epitome of our model being successful. We wish to see him fulfil his dreams and also help the fellow students to achieve theirs.

Shreya Sonawane

Shreya Sonawane is a cheerful and humble girl who has been studying at Sai Baba Path MPS since Sr Kg. Her father, Gautam Sonawane, works as a driver and as a waiter in a well-known restaurant in the city while her mother, Shubhangi, is a housewife. Daksh, her brother, also studies in our school since Sr. Kg. Shreya has now completed 9 years in our school and has entered the 8th grade. Shreya’s parents came to know of Educo through an awareness survey and have since been content with Shreya’s performance in the school. “The school has been helpful to our daughter. It has taught her to share and help others when needed and to also enjoy sports equally as much as studies. We as parents are very happy with the way Shreya has progressed and inculcated certain traits that weren’t to be found before.” -Shreya’s parents Shreya loves playing multiple sports and is good at football, skipping, Langadi, kabaddi, karate, skating, cycling and running. A multi-talented girl in the field of sports indeed. She has also won many certificates, trophies, medals in running, rope-skipping and Langadi in interschool, city and state level competitions. She has also won the 1st prize in the 25-meter running competition held by Brihamumbai Mahanagar Palika and won the 1st prize in the interschool Langadi competition. She has been skipping and playing football since the last three years and has been learning Taekwondo since the 3rd standard by an instructor provided by the school. Along with which, Shreya is also fond of drawing and reading. She spends most of her time in the school library picking up books. Her current favourite book is “Princess Diary” by Meg Cabot. Not only is Shreya good at sports and extra-curricular activities but she also holds studying as an interest. Shreya states that she wants to grow up and become a doctor like her cousin sister one day. Hence, influenced by this dream of hers, Shreya is passionate about studying science as a subject and states that, “The teachers in school come and help us when needed, along with the ‘teach for India’ teachers that are exceptionally friendly and help me reach my goal one step at a time.” As a talkative student, Shreya goes on and on about how the classes, the teachers and her friends are supportive of her. Her Best friend Sonal is nice and friendly and cares about people just like she does. Which also reflects on her reason to become a doctor and surround herself with people of a warm heart. Her kind thought motivates us to ensure that children like such succeed in their life. The biggest initiation for such a beginning requires the right form of education and development of skills and attitude at its ground level. Her parents mention what a lovely and pleasant company their daughter has become which was not the case before she joined the school. They are much appreciative of the positive change in their child. Shreya pays attention to sports and her studies and at Educo it is evident that sports are counted as an integral part of education and character development. In Shreya, we can see how sports and the right tool to educate a child can help one blossom and gain confidence. And we hope to continue supporting Shreya in her future endeavours.

Laxmi Kahar

Laxmi Kisan is an eager and a knowledge seeking girl. She is the eldest of the three daughters of Kisan Kahar, who works as a security guard and Nandini Kahar, a housewife. Her sisters, Khushi and Kusum also study in our school. Since Kisan is a 5th standard dropout and Nandini did not have the opportunity of any sort of education, Laxmi’s parents want their children to learn and build better futures for themselves. “We want Laxmi and our other children to do better than what we ever could do.” –Laxmi’s parents Laxmi joined Saibaba Path MPS in Jr Kg and has since completed 10 years in this school. She has now entered the 8th standard. Laxmi was a silent child when she first joined the school. She would keep to herself and was very weak in English. Since then, according to her, her teachers constantly coaxed and pushed her to do well. Which she is so very grateful for. Laxmi found her footing and with hard work and dedication is now one of the brightest students at Saibaba path MPS. She excels well in her favourite subject, maths and participates in many extra-curricular activities when she does get a chance. She loves reading books in the library and due to her participation in events held at school, such as drama, where she played the role of a mother. Laxmi has become more confident and is seen to have developed her personality for the better. She also loves playing sports. Her favourite sport to play is football and recently took part in the JFK league at Sion where she won a medal. Laxmi is very positive towards the way her teachers and friends have supported her. Her best friend, Priyanka has been very helpful and motivates her to do more, not only in the academic but the extra-curricular field too. Laxmi has grown into a passionate young woman that wants to become an astronaut when she grows up. She stated that she was fascinated about going up to space and looking at something that in reality is unknown to humans. Her parents, especially her father is very supportive of whatever Laxmi chooses to become and tries to support her dreams to his maximum capability. Her parents just want to see her succeed and are appreciative of Educo in developing their children in a manner that is well rounded and curious to gain more knowledge. Laxmi hopes to achieve her dreams someday through hard work and perseverance. And we can ensure that she is on her way to a brighter and better future and we will continue to support her in her endeavours.

Ganesh Ghutukade

Ganesh Ghutukade is a helpful guy from Saibaba Path MPS who has currently entered the 8th grade. His father, Dada Ghutukade, is a store assistant in an office and mother, Nanda, is a house wife. When Ganesh’s parents were looking out for a good school to enrol their son in, they came to know about the Saibaba Path school. They found that this school was popular in the community in Jijamata Nagar. Ganesh joined the school in Sr Kg and has since performed to his outmost potential. In the 9 years spent here, Ganesh has grown very fond of this school. He loves the sports activities in particular and yet another reason why he loves the school is due to his teachers that he is so very fond of. According to him, the methods that the teachers adopt to teach their students and their acceptance towards any difficulties the student would face is what Ganesh tends to be content with. He Is appreciative towards the manner in which they clarify his doubts when a concept is not understood and attempts to be as helpful as them, towards his fellow classmates. After a significant interaction with Ganesh, he opened up to tell us that his favourite subject was mathematics and that he finds numbers and figures appealing. He is quite inclined towards solving issues and considers the teaching method with projectors quite brilliant. As a bright student that secured the 1st prize in the competition organized by Sanskriti Sanvardhan Pratishthan and earned the Ramayan scholarship, Ganesh is a curious and knowledge seeking guy that tends to challenge himself with anything that helps with his “Brain Growth”. He is also a very helpful guy and his best friend Gopal and he tend to share this similar quality. Ganesh has also developed an interest in sports activities in school like Taekwondo that he recently won a gold medal in and is attending the Taekwondo training provided by the school. Other sports that he has excelled in are running and Langadi and got selected for state level competition inn football and got a gold medal for Langadi. To say the least, he is quite a smart and active child. He considers the world-renowned cricketer Virat Kohli as his role model and aims to become of a status to meet him personally someday. To add to his all rounder personality, Ganesh is also creatively inclined towards drawing. Ganesh participates in many activities in school and with the support of his parents and teachers excels at most. His mother is proud of what Ganesh has achieved so far and prays for more success in his life. According to his mother, Ganesh is a helpful, supportive, exceling child that should be selective in the field he chooses to become to be the best at what he does. His parents support his dream of becoming an engineer and is accepting of his passion towards architectural engineering. His mother is very happy with his progress. “The school has changed my son in many ways. With increased interaction in the school, he has begun to open up and share more with us, especially with his father” “We want Laxmi and our other children to do better than what we ever could do.” –Laxmi’s parents His parents have a lot of faith in the school and believe that Ganesh will grow up to be a successful individual. This belief of the parents in the school is the biggest strength for Educo. Building the different skills of the students and contributing to their holistic development would definitely help us achieve a substantial change in the community.