Teachers must be at the centre of achieving NEP 2020
“Recruit the very best and brightest teachers to enter the teaching profession at all levels, by ensuring livelihood, respect, dignity, and autonomy, while also instilling in the system basic methods of quality control and accountability”
NEP 2020

educo creates and shares evidence-based solutions to improve the delivery of education in municipal schools’ systems through teacher training towards pedagogical transformation to improve student learning outcomes. 

Olympiad Scholarship
Teachers are trained in content, skills and strategies for experiential living and critical thinking to prepare students for Olympiad Exams for International Benchmarking Teachers are trained in content, skills and strategies prepare students for Maharashtra Scholarship Exam to help them ace support for their education.

Our trainings are contextual

They are piloted in a controlled environment in Saibabapath MPS over multiple years - in classrooms like any other municipal school making them relevant and relatable.

Our trainings have a clear deliverable metric

The training facilitated has a clear, deliverable metric across 1100 schools impacting thousands of children in the city of Mumbai that is the Cambridge Primary Olympiad and Maharashtra School Scholarship.

It has a buy-in from beneficiaries - the municipal teachers

Teachers who underwent the training accept that the strategies are well thought out and simple to execute. It has effectively re-ignited a spark of motivation as evidenced by video and written testimonials by hundreds of teachers.

We are a Trainer-of-choice to the largest urban local body - MCGM, having trained 3300+ municipal teachers (one-third of the total municipal teachers) till date.