Shreya Sonawane is a cheerful and humble girl who has been studying at Sai Baba Path MPS since Sr Kg. Her father, Gautam Sonawane, works as a driver and as a waiter in a well-known restaurant in the city while her mother, Shubhangi, is a housewife. Daksh, her brother, also studies in our school since Sr. Kg. Shreya has now completed 9 years in our school and has entered the 8th grade. Shreya’s parents came to know of Educo through an awareness survey and have since been content with Shreya’s performance in the school.

“The school has been helpful to our daughter. It has taught her to share and help others when needed and to also enjoy sports equally as much as studies. We as parents are very happy with the way Shreya has progressed and inculcated certain traits that weren’t to be found before.”

-Shreya’s parents


Shreya loves playing multiple sports and is good at football, skipping, Langadi, kabaddi, karate, skating, cycling and running. A multi-talented girl in the field of sports indeed. She has also won many certificates, trophies, medals in running, rope-skipping and Langadi in interschool, city and state level competitions. She has also won the 1st prize in the 25-meter running competition held by Brihamumbai Mahanagar Palika and won the 1st prize in the interschool Langadi competition. She has been skipping and playing football since the last three years and has been learning Taekwondo since the 3rd standard by an instructor provided by the school. Along with which, Shreya is also fond of drawing and reading. She spends most of her time in the school library picking up books. Her current favourite book is “Princess Diary” by Meg Cabot.

Not only is Shreya good at sports and extra-curricular activities but she also holds studying as an interest. Shreya states that she wants to grow up and become a doctor like her cousin sister one day. Hence, influenced by this dream of hers, Shreya is passionate about studying science as a subject and states that, “The teachers in school come and help us when needed, along with the ‘teach for India’ teachers that are exceptionally friendly and help me reach my goal one step at a time.”

As a talkative student, Shreya goes on and on about how the classes, the teachers and her friends are supportive of her. Her Best friend Sonal is nice and friendly and cares about people just like she does. Which also reflects on her reason to become a doctor and surround herself with people of a warm heart. Her kind thought motivates us to ensure that children like such succeed in their life. The biggest initiation for such a beginning requires the right form of education and development of skills and attitude at its ground level. Her parents mention what a lovely and pleasant company their daughter has become which was not the case before she joined the school. They are much appreciative of the positive change in their child. Shreya pays attention to sports and her studies and at Educo it is evident that sports are counted as an integral part of education and character development. In Shreya, we can see how sports and the right tool to educate a child can help one blossom and gain confidence. And we hope to continue supporting Shreya in her future endeavours.