About Educo

Educo was registered as a charity (Bombay Public Charitable Trust no. E-25425), in 2009.  We are located in Central Mumbai managing Saibaba Path Mumbai Public School (SPMPS) in partnership with the MCGM under the School Support Program. Our curriculum is focused on providing high quality contemporary English medium education to our students. Additionally, we lay equal emphasis on imparting structured value education in order to build the student’s character. With active parent engagement and their commitment to educo, we are able to impact the local community thereby being catalysts for social change.


Saibaba Path Mumbai Public School is Educo’s first and only project right now. The school is a modern English – medium primary and secondary school that provides high quality, contemporary and balanced education in a nurturing environment for underprivileged children of Lalbaug area of Mumbai. The students at Educo are given tuition-free education.

Our Values

We ensure that all of our employees and teachers are honest and aligned to our goals, tasks and vision. We lay special emphasis on professionalism, accountability, and individual responsibility towards achieving results.


It is essential for any contributor to the Educo mission to respect each other’s individuality and capability, work at their best to contribute as a team, and above all, strive for our children’s well-being, success, and happiness.