Laxmi Kisan is an eager and a knowledge seeking girl. She is the eldest of the three daughters of Kisan Kahar, who works as a security guard and Nandini Kahar, a housewife. Her sisters, Khushi and Kusum also study in our school. Since Kisan is a 5th standard dropout and Nandini did not have the opportunity of any sort of education, Laxmi’s parents want their children to learn and build better futures for themselves.

“We want Laxmi and our other children to do better than what we ever could do.”
–Laxmi’s parents
Laxmi joined Saibaba Path MPS in Jr Kg and has since completed 10 years in this school. She has now entered the 8th standard. Laxmi was a silent child when she first joined the school. She would keep to herself and was very weak in English. Since then, according to her, her teachers constantly coaxed and pushed her to do well. Which she is so very grateful for. Laxmi found her footing and with hard work and dedication is now one of the brightest students at Saibaba path MPS. She excels well in her favourite subject, maths and participates in many extra-curricular activities when she does get a chance. She loves reading books in the library and due to her participation in events held at school, such as drama, where she played the role of a mother. Laxmi has become more confident and is seen to have developed her personality for the better.

She also loves playing sports. Her favourite sport to play is football and recently took part in the JFK league at Sion where she won a medal.

Laxmi is very positive towards the way her teachers and friends have supported her. Her best friend, Priyanka has been very helpful and motivates her to do more, not only in the academic but the extra-curricular field too. Laxmi has grown into a passionate young woman that wants to become an astronaut when she grows up. She stated that she was fascinated about going up to space and looking at something that in reality is unknown to humans.

Her parents, especially her father is very supportive of whatever Laxmi chooses to become and tries to support her dreams to his maximum capability. Her parents just want to see her succeed and are appreciative of Educo in developing their children in a manner that is well rounded and curious to gain more knowledge. Laxmi hopes to achieve her dreams someday through hard work and perseverance. And we can ensure that she is on her way to a brighter and better future and we will continue to support her in her endeavours.